Thursday, May 03, 2007


I woke up today feeling refreshed, strangely enough. I realized that Pedro would be home tomorrow and I had not done anything to "enjoy" my kids. I spent the entire first part of the week in crisis mode, planning everything and just going through the motions to make it through the day. As much work as it is to care for my babes without so much as a 5 minute break, there is really nothing I'd rather do. So today I was determined to enjoy them and be grateful that I'm able to be home with them.

Harper took a decent nap this morning and I was able to get the house picked up just enough to not drive me crazy. The rest of the time I built houses and garages for Mason's cars.

Once Harper woke up we went outside and chalked up the drive way.
7days 015
7days 011
Lunch time came and Mason** insisted he be rewarded with a spicy chicken crunch wrap supreme from T-bell. I wanted to be the best Mama I could be so I obliged.

Now it is nap time and I am happy with the Mama I've been today!

**or maybe his Mama?


Ms. Mamma said...

I love that little chunk of girl with the curl right in the middle of her forehead!

Christy J said...

You are suc ha great Mommy!!

AnnaLiza said...

aww! i'm certain the kid's are thinking that you're a great mama period!

--i've tagged you--

Chrissy121875 said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful day together :) Your kids are soooooo cute!

That Chick Over There said...

You have the most gorgeous children! My gracious!

Rachel said...

Sounds like fun! You have two beautiful kids!!!

it's me, Val said...

You have such beautiful children! I am enjoying your blog, Annie. Thank you :)

p.s. *tag

Hil said...

Nothing, and I mean nothing beats a day like that. A day where you are satisfied with you Mommy skills! Yay for you.
Also, holy cow is Harper growing like a weed.

Margarita said...

Could those kids look anymore alike, like you, or more gorgeous.
I can't believe how big Harper is already!

Pedro said...

^ I think Harper has my toe nails?

somebody said...