Friday, July 13, 2007

Do I need to mention what day it is?

Have I ever mentioned how superstitious I am? I am crazy superstitious. I believe in Karma 110%, or for the religious ones out there my friends mother-in-law says, "God'll get ya!" Or for the lay person, What goes around comes around.

I would have a nervous break down if I ever broke a mirror because Good God, 7 years of bad luck! When things have been going really well in my life, there is always a tiny little spot in the back of my head waiting for my luck to run out. It's kind of sad isn't it?

About a week after I had Harper I walked down to the park across the street. I met this lady who had three sons and we talked freely the entire time our boys played. It turned out that her husband is a Walk-In doctor who I had seen years earlier when Mason rolled off the bed at around 7 months old. I remember thinking to myself that I felt no judgement from him when I was expecting to be scolded for leaving Mason on the bed without my eyes glued on him for 10 seconds. He just assured me that "these things happen". When we were leaving she told me to call her sometime to get together. I never did but always thought about it.

A few weeks ago (fast forward 9 months) I ran into her at the pool. I went up to her and asked if we had met months ago at the park. We had and chatted again easily. I've seen her twice since then at random places.

Last night Pedro and I were talking before bed.

"You probably are going to think I am crazy but I feel like I am supposed to be friends with Lyla."

"Who's Lyla?"

"The lady with three boys that I keep running into. Our paths just keep crossing."


You probably know that I am not very religious at this point in my life, but I feel like there is some reason we keep meeting and I just haven't figured it out yet. So the next time I see her I am going to ask her for her number. I mean, I have to, right?

So today is the 13th, Friday the 13th. Do you walk around with your fingers crossed? Or am I just a total superstitious freak?


Silly Hily said...

Nope, you are just a freak. :-)
It does sound to me like you two are meant to be friends or something. I have to same thing happening with this girl. We met under the craziest circumstances and then after chatting found out that her best friend since 5th grade is married to my cousin. It's just strange. I feel like I've been put in her life for a reason even though I've still not met her in person. We just seem to have a lot in common.

Lizarita said...

Yes. You're just a freak! BUT! You should SO get her number...I'm sure you've heard of how me and my BFF's chance.
And I love the name Lyla.

and rudeness said...

Hell yeah! That's awesome! And what a better friend than her to have around... I mean a doctor for a husband? Cool!

I mean that isnt the ONLY reason to be friends... WOW I am lame. Or shallow sounding or something. What I mean isnt coming OUT right... I dont believe in superstitions but I do believe in coincidences! (Sound better?)

Christy J said...

That's awesome... maybe you are suppose to be friends with her!!!

I'm supersticous too!!! I always have been.

Rachel said...

I'm not a superstitious person, but Friday the 13th kinda makes me a little cautious!

And, yeah, it definitely sounds like you and Lyla are meant to be friends. Mom friends are the best - they understand.

Anonymous said...