Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Harpy, Snarps, Harperina

I just realized I write very little about Harper. Maybe because my naughty, adorable, high-maintainance, quirky son is at such a funny stage that he gets all the glory. But Harper is pretty darn great too and I'm going to tell you all about her.

Over a month ago we went to the doctor for her 6 month visit that I am two months behind on. So whe was eight months old, exactly. She was 18 lbs 6 oz. and 30 inches tall. Basically, she is really tall and pretty skinny in comparison to her height.

Also at this time she started crawling. And standing up. I shit you not, on the same day. She is pretty close to walking; standing without holding on to anything for 30 seconds at a time. It is crazy to think she'll be walking soon since Mason was well over a year.

Last Sunday she started saying "bye-bye". The first 3 times I thought it was a fluke but by the 12 time I realized that she had made a connection. Of course I got all teary and proud like a total mush.

The girl hates food. Her doctor couldn't believe it when I told him that she eats just a few teaspoons of food a day. I wouldn't normally care in the least, but I feel like she barely nurses either. I guess she's just efficient.*

Over the past couple of weeks Harpers top two teeth have been working their way though. Good God I forgot how much that sucks. It really, really sucks. Thank You to the gods at Hilands. I love you and would make out with you all if given the opportunity.

Her sleeping leaves a lot to be desired. She is up a ton during the night. Stuck to my boob. *(Duh, or she gets all her food then!) Seriously most nights I lose count and am willing to bet she wakes up around 10 times. Remember when I would brag that she only got up once a night to nurse when she was just days old? Karma. It's a bitch.

She still will not go to anyone except for Pedro and I. And Mason. She LOVES Mason even when he is pinching her. Loves him. We kind of though all this would change this past week while on vacation( did I tell you we were on vacation?) since we were in close quarters with Mikes family. Nope. Not a chance. She cries like her heart is breaking that we let someone else take her. It gets hard but I remind myself that it is actually a really positive thing that she is that bonded to us and it won't be like this forever. Before I can blink twice she'll be telling me to get out of her room. *sob*

It really is amazing how different siblings can be yet be so very similar in other ways. Jeese! I am one lucky Mama.



and rudeness said...

Awh. This was so sweet! And those days of getting up ten, twenty, THIRTY times a night... oh yeah, I remember!! :)

And crawling/standing for 30 seconds/almost walking... AMAZING! Way to go little one!

Monica said...

I seem to talk about my oldest alot more too, but then my youngest is only three months and just kinda lays there:o)
And way to go on the crawling, standing and almost walking! How exciting!

Christy J said...

Girl, Finley STILL wakes up to nurse at night. Last night she woke up like 2 times. And I haven't let her nurse at night for over a month. Yet she still asks... EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT!

And pinching? Is that like the 3.5 year old 'thing to do?' Hayden does that now too... I think it is because he can get away with it with no one seeing. Sly little booger!

Shelly said...

She's beautiful. My daughter was born in September as well. Although she doesn't crawl or stand yet, she knows five signs. It's amazing how different kids can be, no? :o)

shoeaddict said...

She's pretty. I was tall and skinny like that (Oh, but things have changed!) and walked early. How did you come up with her name? I read how you got Mason. I'm kinda "into" names (to put it mildly).

Ashley said...

Both of your babies are absolutely beautiful!! Jackson and Harper are so much alike ...... isn't it amazing how they can go from just sitting to crawling and cruising in just days?

Ms. Mamma said...

Gorgeosa, indeed. Both of you!

Rachel said...

Sweet post to sweet Harper!!! She looks like such a happy little girl!!! And gorgeous, of course!

and rudeness said...

I hate to sound weird... but I was looking for your email... and didnt see it anywhere... can you email me?! I have a question for you! ryanikon@gmail.com


~M~ said...

She is so adorable! I just had to say that.

Silly Hily said...

You are also one beautiful Momma. And Harper is one beautiful girl.
Boys and girls especially, really are sooooo different. At least mine are and your two sound a lot like mine (the girl walking and talking much earlier than the boy and all).

amygeekgrl said...

oh my goodness. i've been away too long. she's so big! what a sweet girl. :)
julian seems to be doing things a lot earlier than ava did too. eep! keeps me on my toes!

kerri said...

That is a beautiful picture of you two.

Chrissy121875 said...

What a beautiful pic of you and Harper! Beeeeeeeeeautiful!!

Anonymous said...