Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I see you in me.

The past few weeks I've been down. I am not sure if I started evaluating my life or it just came and slapped my face, but the truth? It hurts. I've been thinking about the people in my life that are really there. Through thick and thin, when they don't want to be, when they've got better things to do, they still come through. For me, there are very few.

I think maybe I expect too much. I know that if I commit to something, I follow through every. single. time. Not everyone else is like that and I need to except that and stop letting myself get down. I think I take it personally. When people let me down I always play it out in my head as something else was more important. But really, that sucks. It sucks to feel not important enough.

My Dad is one of those people that is there, always. I know that if I really am in a pinch, he would move mountains to help me out. I was not raised to be all mushy gushy and expressive with my feelings so I never have been able to tell him how much I appreciate the qualities I've gotten from him.

We are both slow to warm-up and sometimes I think it's misinterpreted as coldness. However we'd do anything for people we love.

We are both stubborn.

We are both fun-loving.

We are committed and passionate about things we really believe in.

We walk exactly the same.

Someday I hope to be able to tell him how proud I am to have gotten these qualities from him. But for today, I sincere Thank You will have to do.


Rachel said...

Maybe you should show this post to him.

Sounds like you've got a really great Dad!

Ms. Mamma said...

Oh Annie, tell that dear, sweet man, now. This is a very revealing post. I hear you on so many levels and I just want you to know that I'm just around the corner, anytime. I get really down too. But I get up again... xo

tri_hard said...

life is to short...tell him how you feel or show him the post. i am sure he is very proud to have you as a daughter.

Silly Hily said...

How sweet. I think, if nothing else, you should print this post and put it in a safe place so that if, God forbid, something happened to you, he would know this. Or like the others above me said, just tell him now. Life really is too short. And also, just think if Mason or Harper could tell you such wonderful things. Think of how much that would mean to you.

Keep thinking about how important that would be and how amazing it would make you feel.

Tell him.

(I also evaluate my life far too often. I hate it when I get in the dumps. But I love when I'm satisfied with things so far.)

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