Thursday, August 02, 2007

Funk with a capital F


I know I know. First I am jealous, then I get all pouty and refuse to post, right? Ha. I've got the funk over here.

Harper is totally thumbing her nose at naps these days and I am not handling it well. At all. Now I totally understand why all those baby books tell you to put your child in their crib slightly awake. I get it now. Now . Now! It took me two children and a whole lot of misery to get it. I would nurse Harper until she was practically dead to the world and then ever so gently place her into her perfectly girly crib and tip toe out crossing my fingers that my knees didn't pop on the way out. When Harper would wake up, All Hell Broke Loose! Sometimes it was after 5 minutes, sometimes 3 hours. Usually it was about 45 minutes and I'd do the whole routine over again. It was all consuming. I was becoming a mean resentful Mama and my poor three year old son was fending for himself. Totally not fair. Things had to change. I borrowed the No Cry Sleep Solution and haven't had a chance to read it (remember, all consuming.) but I've come up with my own method and I think it is working! I nurse Harper until she is pretty zoned out and place her into her crib. If and when she wakes up I stay right next to her crib and sing and pat her bum until she falls asleep. Yesterday it took 45 minutes. This morning 25 minutes and she was totally awake when I put her in the crib. This afternoon 5 minutes and tonight not a peep. Hell yeah! I knew I couldn't just let her cry but I wanted her to know that she was staying in her crib and we weren't going to be the whole routine over and over. I want her to know I am there and I won't let her cry, but I do also think it is very important for her to know how to put herself to sleep without my boob every single time. The nursing a bazillion times during the night though, in our bed? We'll worry about that once the pre-bedtime routine is mastered. Baby steps.

Besides that, this is the week of the big fair. I mentioned this last year. It brings out the classiest folk. My friend and I were debating whether or not we wanted to walk down.

Me: I would go down there to get a corn dog and a funnel cake and then be done. But I am not even sure the food is worth it.

Her: I don't know? The fair makes me thankful for what I've all my teeth!

Us: Roaring Laughter.

We didn't go. Not even to see Weird Al!

I told you I had the funk.


Ms. Mamma said...

You may be in a funk, but you're damn funny AND a awesomely good mama.

Rachel said...

That last picture cracked me up! Hope you get out of your funk soon.

IndyWilsons said...

That is totally what I have been doing for Syd lately, too. Lay her down with a stuffed tummy, rub her back and now she starts "singing" and is asleep fairly quickly. We back-peddled after our trip to WI, but it only took a couple nights to be in the groove again. RE: the fair. Yeah, we hit the Rock Co. one and I wondered..."Why did we come here?" Having a little one makes you realize how filthy everything and everyone is. Though, my corndog and cheesecurds sure were tasty!

Silly Hily said...

I've been in the funk, too. Don't know why. I feel like I'm finally coming out of it though. I hope you are able to come out of your soon.
And baby steps indeed. One thing at a time sister. One thing at a time. Congrats on getting the first on down your way. Remember, you are the mom and knows what's best for Harper, not some book.
And yes, you are funny....and hawt! So tan, and such pretty teeth.

AnnieM said...

Aw, thanks MsMamma your the best!

Me too Rachel.

Stac, I seriously debated driving to see you...but the kids where full of snot!

Hily, thanks! Your hawt too. We go to the pool almost everyday and the teeth? Actually they are a big hot mess. Maybe a very exciting post for another day. Ooo the suspense...

tri_hard said...

you should of totally went to the fair. the people watching is worth it...didn't you use to go when you were younger? We always did. Your pictures are funny!

amygeekgrl said...

sorry to hear about your funk. at least you've still got your sense of humor.
our fair is in town right now too. we're thinking of going this week. i LOL at your conversation w/ your friend. ;)

i'm too lazy to do what you're doing w/ harper, but i'm glad it's working for you guys. :) i'm a put-a-boob-in-their-mouth-cuz-i'm-too-lazy-to-try-another-technique-kinda mama. ;)

amygeekgrl said...

that should say ..."put a boob in their mouth cuz i'm too lazy to try another technique kinda mama." i guess i had too many hyphens in there. blogger didn't approve. :oP

Ashley said...

you are soo freakin silly!

Pedro said...

Funk-free since 1977

Chrissy121875 said...

You have got a killer sense of humour! You are hilarious! I bet you must be ten thousand times funnier in person!

Harper is such a cutie pie and you've got an amazing tan, girlfriend!

somebody said...