Sunday, January 27, 2008

7 Things

I was tagged by the lovely MP for this 7 thing meme. As if you need any more proof, here are 7 more things that will comfirm your doubts about me.

"She's a strange one that Crunchy Girl..."

1. The smell of patchouli on me makes me insane, not in a good way. I despise it. On other people it smells heavenly. When Pedro smells like it, it makes me wild, in a good way. Roar Baby, Roar! It is my favorite, buy this for yourself or someone you like to sniff!

2. I hate to shave my pits. I do it (not often) but I hate it. My legs often, the beav often (did I really just write beav?) but the pits are such a chore for me. HATE.

3. I was a waitress for many years. I loved it! It paid my way through college and was such instant do a good job, you get rewarded within an hour. With money! I still talk about missing it, often.

4. I was a ballet dancer for 13 years. I was told by my teacher often that I needed to lose 10 lbs starting at age 10. Some how I've never had any sort of an eating disorder.

5. I love to bake! I bake at least one thing every week. I blame this book I got about 8 years ago. When I got it I went crazy trying all sorts of recipes. Now I almost never use a recipe, I just know how much of everything to add. This is why I haven't yet come up with a recipe for this cake.

6. I love soup. I make soup just about every week, all from scratch. I like to make huge pots of it so I can have it for lunch throughout the week. This is the last pot of soup I made. Mmmmm, Minnestroni! Tonight I am making Cream of Broccoli.

7. I'd rather have a really good chewy bagel than a donut, any day. I used to be anble to say "no thanks" when donuts were offered until I got pregnant with Mason. Now I'll eat either and rarely say "no thanks" but mostly "yes please!"

Wow. That took forever. Just so you know this post was started on Dec 14th. Holla!


Autumn said...

You have to try the Intuition razor... I swear, you will be able to, at least, tolerate shaving.

MP said...

you crack me up!!

Raw Naturel said...

I love your blog! I have a great soup recipe since you make soup so often.

Italian Sausage soup

32 oz chick broth
2 cans italian diced tomatoes
1 bag baby spinach
2 cups pasta shells (tiny)
1 pound of turkey sausage (formed into balls)

cook sausage add to stock, add spinach and tomatoes just before serving add pasta and cook until done.


AnnieM said...

Raw Nat! Thank you! I am going to try it this week!

C said...

LOL! You are one interesting chiquita, Annie! :) You totally crack me up! About the shaving...I find it such a chore too! That's why waxing works so well! You don't have to do it as often, but DANG, does it ever hurt! LOL! I wrote a funny bikini waxing post last year. YOWZAS!

Rachel said...

Gah, you are weird!!

Kidding! I think interesting is the word!

Ashley said...

Is it wrong that I am still stuck on the cake recipe? Because yeah .......

MP said...

PS..I had to look this up: patchouli ...I'm such a dork

it's me, Val said...

You are so funny :)

Anonymous said...