Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Still kickin' it.

Hi there. How YOU doin'? So much has been going on here, but I 've just not wanted to write lately.

Pedro came down with the flu last Friday and while I wanted to take care of him and make sure he was OK, I wanted nothing more than to stay away! The rest of us had been healthy for just one week, we couldn't get a whole other flu again! It would be the death of me. Each time Pedro would run to throw a puker, I'd get my bucket with hot water and disinfectant and be ready to sanitize the bathroom. Psycho much? We are all healthy and we never got it!

Saturday my sister and I threw a baby shower for my brother's girlfriend who is having a baby in just a few weeks. It was perfect! My mom was there and I did my best to not be all weird. I probably didn't do so well. We talked fluff- about the cupcakes and my cinnamon rolls and that was about it. We haven't talked since.

I need a girls night out. Bad! Any takers?

P.S .We put an offer in on a house. Want to hear about it? Next.


Lizarita said...

Um. Hi! House? Mom?
Thought about you when I got my fabulous haircut last week because I think it is close to yours. xoxo

tri_hard said...

can't wait to hear about the house offer. glad things are going ok. thanks for your support on my blog. I appreciate it. has been a tough couple weeks. Take care.

Rachel said...

Definitely wanna hear! Things will get better with your mom. Maybe she just need some time.

I up for a Girl's Night!

Ashley said...

You know I would be there in a heartbeat if I could, with Jackson in tow of course. Sometimes you just have to let go honey bunny. I have been thinking about you and I hope evrything is going okay. I am so glad you didn't get sick - my whole house has had strep so I totally feel you ;) email me!

Autumn Dahlia said...

Well heck, if I could get to WI fast enough, I'd be on it. The bug has been in my house like MUH-AD. Puke, snot, cough - zexy.

House? Yay, house!

Anonymous said...