Saturday, February 11, 2006

A few things...

First of all, last night Pedro and I when to our first p.o.e.t.s club. No, we aren't much into poetry. This stands for: piss on everything tomorrow's Saturday. It is a club of late 20-30 somethings, almost all with kids, that have realized they do almost nothing outside of the home. So, for one Friday night per month we socialize, like with real adults! It was really fun to just get out and wear real clothes. It was a short outing from about 7-9 then we had to pick up our boy at my parents. Good times were had by all!

Second, my first Dr. appointment is coming up. This here state of WI does this whole thing kind of strange. In FL where Mason was conceived, they saw me at 6 weeks to determine if there was a heartbeat. Now, here they wait until you are 12 weeks pregnant to even see you. Yes, I understand the part of your body determining what will happen in the first 12 weeks, but I also read different info too. I read, that if a heartbeat is detected between 7-11weeks, the baby has a 90% chance of success. But, since I an in WI I guess I just have to deal with the way things are done. But my point is, I am not seeing a DR. I got in with the only midwife in the city. I feel like it is the way for me to go and I can't wait to meet her.

And last, my blog should have a new look soon. Pedro works in Advertising and has a lot of "computer friendly" friends. One of which is working on a blog design for me! I can't wait! So look for new changes hopefully in the next week or two. Until then, you'll just have to be patient.


Suzanne said...

This is my first visit to your blog!! (I clicked on your name through hillary's blog) Your little boy is soo cute. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

AnnieM said...

Hi Suzanne! Stop by anytime!

Christy J said...

POETS club... so funny! How many of you 'adults' go out together?

What if your dates were wrong? That blows, I would tell them I think I'm 12 weeks. BAHAHAHA!!!!

Congrats on everything, again!

Silly Hily said...

Wow, 12 weeks does seem a little long. My doctor waits until 8 weeks to see her patients and even that seems like forever just to get that confirmation. Don't they know all we want to hear is "Everything looks good" and then they can brush us off and send us on our way?
Poets sounds like so much fun! Glad you and Pedro had a good time.

Anonymous said...