Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Son. He is a boob man at heart!

Yesterday morning I was sitting in the living room and in comes Mason carrying one of my very used, very unattractive, very big nursing bras. I gave him a look of shock and all he could say was,
"Mamas Milky!"
In that second I was so happy that I was alone at my house. I am not ashamed of still nursing him. It is the size of that atrocious thing that is so breathtaking!


Christy J said...

Have you seen the Elle Mcpherson (sp) nursing bras? They are sooooo beautiful but truley for those without BIG OLE TITTIES! BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

What kind of nursing bras do you ear? I only have 1 that I LOVE and it is a Mimi Bra. I am in desperate need of some new ones!!

Any suggestions?

Ms. Mamma said...

Hilarious! Annie that tent for pups is a beautiful thing! Mason is a healthy gorgeous bambino thanks to 'em(the yums), regardless of their gargantuan supports.

Anonymous said...