Friday, February 24, 2006

Wanna hear more about THE CAR!- oh hell no!

I am done talking about that damn thing. It is stupid, and I'll never think he made the right choice. It was wrong, very, very wrong! And, moving on...
I had my first prenatal appointment today. It wasn't with my midwife, but with a nurse educator who gets my chart ready. I have gained 10 lbs already. Very scary to see that number already. With Mason, I didn't gain a pound until I was 5 months preggo, but I couldn't keep down water either. I guess there are a very few positives to severe morning sickness. Let's just pretend that that number with surely taper off, shhhh, we're pretending remember?

After meeting with the nurse, I had to do the whole gammet of lab work. That meant 5 viles of blood and one warm cup-o-pee. The phloebotomist was sweet, but God help her! It is time for her to retire. She began just fine until my vein collapsed and she was determined to get the other 3 viles still from a vein that was not cooperating. After she rooted around for about a minute and pushed so hard the needle poked out the backside of my elbow*, I finally looked at her and said, "Um, ouuch!" She apologized over and over and told me we'd have to move over to the other arm, "Whhheeeee, can we?!" * So the other arm turned out to be a champ and I was on my way.

My next appointment is on the 7th. That's when I meet my mid-wife, cannot wait. I also told them that I was really unsure about my period days, so I am probably getting an extra ultra-sound to confirm dates. Fine with me, who says a little fibbing doesn't get you far?

After that we headed to Target. I've been looking for a cute maternity swim-suit but now as convinced they don't exist. I can just wear the one I have and look fat instead of pregnant. Yes! Fat is totally the new skinny, didn't you know?

**only slight exagerations


Ms. Mamma said...

Nothing wrong with a little embellishment as long as you don't "Frey" it up, eh? I'm excited about the extra ultrasound because I am living vicariously through you and want to know if Sufer Boy is going to be the leader of the pack or the protector of a wee sis! Good vibes, baby!

Ms. Mamma said...

I meant Surfer Boy and check out the cute suits here! There's a few I think you might dig!

you deserve it!

Silly Hily said...

Awe! I was all YES, YES more drama about the car....not!
But YAY, your first appt. and a trip to Target! Can't beat that.
And no, they don't make cute maternity swim-wear.
And fat is totally my new skinny.
And, dude, I'm saying it are totally having a girl. Are yall going to find out? Please tell me you are. I'm not a patient person.:-)

lizziep901 said...

Okay oKay okay.....the more you post, the more you intrigue me and open up cans of worms in my brain that I weren't sure even existed.
Mid-wife? Explain please. I mean, I'm not a COMPLETE and utter dumbass but what purpose does this Mid-wife serve? Is this the person you will go to for your prenatal appointments INSTEAD of a doctor? Or in addition to? I'm totally ignorant when it comes to this "alternative" type of stuff. I had my kid in a hospital with lots and lots and lots of drugs and never not one time did she go anywhere NEAR my boobs for any sort of nourishment. So don't take my curiosity as anything other than pure ignorance to something that I am totally unaware of. Oh! And you can blame it on my living in the South too. We're all a bunch of uneducated rednecks who don't wear shoes and sleep with family members. (Dear God, I hope she realizes that's a joke.) Oh! And I totally found a cute swimming suit on OldNavyDOTcom AND it was on sale for $19.99.

lizziep901 said...

Crap....I was so intrigued/confused that I forgot to say nice things in all of that rambling. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Sorry the old blood-taker lady stuck your elbow. I pass out as soon as they get near me so you are a brave brave woman. And i'm with Hil....are you gonna find out what you are having? Anyways....Good luck with your pregnancy and keep us updated!

Isabel said...

Just wear a regular bikini. That would fit perfect!! That what I would do.

(oh..the car drama...!)

Christy J said...

You gots ta do what ya gots ta do. I just told my Dr. I wanted a sono and they gave it to me. But I have him wrapped around my little finger. (refer to Finley's birth story)

I was 10lbs ahead with my second too. I think it just happens. THAT means you are going to have a healthy baby!! HAHA!! I got my preggo bathing suit at JC Penny's.. for $4.88. Well worth it, but it's FUGLY. Check out Old Navy. They have VERY cute maternity suits!!!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear the first appt went well. When I was trying to get preggo, I totally knew I wanted to have a midwife. The whole idea of being in a hopsital, being confined to the bed during labor, wires, tubes, having the baby taken away right after birth, ugh. All my friends thought I was crazy. Eh, I thought they were crazy too.

Glad to hear that you're enjoying the new car. I bet you look adorable in it!

jillymom27 said...

I never comment on your blogs because I'm laughing to freaking hard by the end to even think about anything to write!!!!!!! Wow that lady must have been old. You know how I feel about those people anyway! Okay, the maternity suit, I got mine at Motherhood maternity and it was awesome, I mean IS awesome. Yes Addymae will be 4 in July and I still wear it!!!! (Heck yes, fat is the new skinny.) Seriously it was great for maternity AND nursing because it had those great little slits under one of the flaps that covered the big ol' belly! And to Napa girl, yep I'm just another nursing mama that visits anniem's blog spot. I can't imagine what goes on in your head when you see all of us nursing mamas talking about our boobs!!!!! I give you credit for continuing to inquire about these topics that are foreign to you! Guaranteed your nursing your next one!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, it is a girl!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with hilary.

Anonymous said...