Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sex and the Pregnant Woman

Look out! It's gettin' hot up in here. Virgin Eyes, look away!

When I was pregnant with Mason, about 3 years ago, one of the most memorable parts of pregnancy where the dreams I had at the beginning. My God where those things vivid. I thought I was a freak having these pornographic dreams that sometimes left me...well, lets just say refreshed! The first couple I was too embarrassed to tell Pedro about, then, I almost felt I had to. As if I was being unfaithful or something. They were crazy HOT! I do remember though, never being able to see a face. And maybe that was my mind's little sensor to not make me feel so damn guilty.

Well, I should have known something was up when I started having them again a couple of months ago. I woke up and immediately told Pedro all about it. I had to, it was clearly his face. Then a few days later, two pink lines were clearly apparent.

So now, it is kind of bittersweet that my first trimester is nearly over. But, on the bright side I seem to remember that the second trimester doesn't consist of dreams but "lots of reality." Hellooooo week 13!


lizziep901 said...

AGREED! Pregnant sex is DAMN good sex. And the dreams.....yeah.....I'm right there with ya sister. Now I have to stop talking about this before I get all hot and bothered at my desk. lol

Pedro said...

I have a story...A little off-topic, but definitely worth a mention.

So I'm sitting at my desk at work and around 11 am everyday my mail comes in and is usually opened by someone else and screened before it actaully gets to my desk. Today, Sue our assistant goes into a hysterical tyrade (not uncommon), and comes running over to my desk with an envolope that looked overstuffed with paper contensts.

She hands it to me with a look of shock on her face and really didn't say anything to preface what I was about to see. It turns out that someone has decided to out a BNI member in town (the small town of Wausau). BNI is a business network/organization that I belong to. The mail included all of this woman's exploits from prostitution to photos from her webcam, and actual email transcripts discussing her boob job, travels, and solicitations as a prostitute.

Someone really had it out for this lady, it's really the kind of thing you would see on TV!

Sorry to interrupt the pregnant sex discussion, the whole scene here just added a little spice ot an otherwise stale Tuesday morning.

lizziep901 said...

That's some crap you see in a movie! Too funny! Hey Pedro.....How's the car? (ducking from Annie M's left hook)

AnnieM said...

Funny Anti-boob ;). Here I thought my hot husband was going to comment on how he too was so excited for the 2nd trimester he could hardly keep his pants on. No such luck. Looks like I'll be sneakin' in that little blue pill!

Isabel said...

I have the hot dreams. But that's it. I have no interest in sex right now. I think it's because I get too much play in my dreams that I'm not interested while I'm actually awake.

Silly Hily said...

Yeah, I'm with Isabel only I don't even remember it in my dreams. Waaaaaahhh! Why? No fair!
Thanks for posting girl! I've had one shitty morning and when I finally got a second to check my blogs I was hoping you had posted something.
Pedro, that's some blog worthy shit right there! You should have your wonderful wife set you up your own blog. I bet you would enjoy it.

Pedro said...

The car is great, and Annie is warming up to it. SHe actually rode in it on a few occasions as painful as it was for her!

The second trimester was fun last time, but this pregnancy has been a lot different from the first. Time will tell, but hopefully that's one thing that doesn't change!

Mama C-ta said...

Ooo, la la, enjoy!

Funny I always heard about this increased pregnant sex drive but unfortunately for my husband, never experienced it.

Melinda said...

Yea i didn't get the increased sex drive with any of my pregnancies. My dreams were almost always AWFUL or made no sense! I like your kinda dreams MUCH better!

Anonymous said...