Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A follow up on the "hair" post...

I am super busy getting ready for the sun. We leave tomorrow and I know that the more organized I am, the easier it will be for all of us. So I have been busy packing, doing laundry, running errands, and getting Mason's birth certificate. I had to drive to the city we lived in when I had him to get it and that is also where I have my LLL meetings. I hadn't been to one in 3 months because I've had other things going on and couldn't make it, so I really wanted to stop in yesterday. I debated over going because I have been trying to keep Mason is a bubble until we leave for vacation. Who wants a sick, whiney, miserable kid in Mexico? I convinced myself I was again being over-protective and took him, for 5 minutes!!
We walked in and there was a new Mom there. She immediately looked at Mason and said,
"aren't you pretty." I just looked at her and smiled. Then she looked at me and said,"how old is she?" I tried to be nice and said
"he is a boy and he is 2." I then tried to reassure her that it happens all the time. But what I really wanted to say was,"Are you blind? Look at what he is wearing!" He had on a grey sweater, black converse hi-tops and a red and grey camouflage vest. He may have longer hair, but I never dress him like a girl, EVER!
And that was just the beginning.
So then I start talking to a woman who tells us every meeting for the past 2 years that her husband is a DR. Strangely enoungh, she brings her 2 boys with her and they are sick almost every month! Yesterday was no different. Her 7 month old was barking like a dog and her 3 year old had crusty snot under his nose. Ah...thanks but no thanks, you can keep those sickies to yourself. So we left before Mason played with the 3 year-old and I disinfected him on the way out, twice! Geeze people, common sense, no?
Today my goal is to be completely packed and the car loaded as well. It is wishfull thinking, but I am trying. Organization is a stretch for me!


Ms. Mamma said...

Come on, Missy! You are so together it hurts! There's a stroke for you! I gave up trying to correct people in their misinterpretation of Snowflake's sex. Rather than POINT it out to them, I say "he's two" or if they comment on his shoes or whatever I say, "yeah, he LUUUUUVS camoflauge" etc. I just got tired of saying he's a boy. Really, I don't care anymore and it seems like people treat little girls different than little boys and to me that's just fine, he'll learn in the real world just how tough people can be soon enough. I'll be dreaming of the three of you frolicking on the beach! You're all going to come back so bronzed and beaming! When he was ill a few weeks ago, I have no idea where it came from. There is nothing worse than the mystery cold. And I learned from you to carry those anitbacterial wipes for hazardous situations, like The Playland! I guess we're too caring when it comes to getting OTHER people's kids chidlin's sick from our own... there's just no thoughtful reciprocation from most, and some just can't afford not to drag their sick child with them. We're pretty lucky, you and me. Have a SUPER excellent time! Drink lots of NA Pina Coladas and eat lots of guac. PS...don't forget to pick yourself up a little Chac-Mool while you're there, you fertility goddess, you! xo

Mama C-ta said...

You are gonna have so much fun. I'd love to take my babe out of the country! And talk about together, sheesh!

Silly Hily said...

Yeah, you are together. Some people are just stupid. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the sex of most babies, much less most toddlers. I would have never in a million years thought Mason to be a girl.
Awwwww, so a full week without Annie? :-( (tear)
Yall have a blast!

lizziep901 said...

I am STILL so jealous of your trip but SO excited for you and your family. You guys have a BLAST! Drink a virgin Pina Colada for me and enjoy your vacation. You deserve it!
OH! And Mason totally does NOT look like a girl. People are stupid. The End.

jillymom27 said...

I've just come to the conclusion that people don't think their kids are sick when they have a runny nose. Like what do they think that snot is running all over for? I guess it is to get everyone else sick. Duh!!! Some parents will bring their kids anywhere, in any condition to have an out for themselves and I don't think they even think about passing illnesses around. Aren't little boys supposed to have long hair? What is it with people around here? Have an absolutely splendid time in Mexico.

Isabel said...

So...did you have to get a passport? The hubby and I just printed out the paperwork to get our baby a passport asap. But it says you have to get a picture. HELLO...won't that picture only be good for like 6 weeks until the kid looks totally different? Hum... exicted for your trip!!

(and your boy looks like a boy. That lady was on crack!)

Christy J said...

Hola Seniora! How was Mexico? Can't wait to hear!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...