Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's Thursday,Yo!

Today is a busy day for us. Pedro's work is having a family potluck, so we are going to that. I am making a blue cheese, pear, tomato and spring greens salad that is easy and delish! Yes, I know I am not supposed to eat blue cheese while pregnant, but you know what? I could be smoking and drinking and doing crack, but I am not. So it is a trade off. Some of the things or "rules" while pregnant are so overboard. The first nurse I saw told me to never eat lunch meat straight out of the fridge. Instead, I am supposed to microwave it for 20 seconds, let it cool and then proceed with my sandwich making, bah! This time around, I have been using my own common sense. I don't go around slurping up raw eggs, but I don't think eating blue cheese or a turkey sandwich now and then is going to harm me or the baby.

I digress. So after the potluck, the boy and I are going in for a little haircut. Mine is just long and blah and needs some fresh layers. His is so straight since we got home that it gets in his eyes and tickles his nose. So he needs a little bang trim. In between or outings, I need to try to squeeze in a nap which means impeccable timing.

So I am off to get started with my day. Have a good one everyone!


Ms. Mamma said...

Annie it's amazing we survived the Middle Ages! Go ahead, eat the damn bleu cheese. Sometimes, I think you can learn more about yourself and pregnancy from doing the research rather than listening to a nurse who has to teach the masses just to be on the safe side. Enjoy! Snow should really get a haircut, it's getting a little rediculous, but then again I think if Ryder Russell Robinson can do it, why can't True?! ;P

Silly Hily said...

Are you kidding me about the lunch meat? I have never heard anything like that. As long as you've backed off the crack pipe, everything else will be okay. :-)

Shell said...

Before and after pics of the hair? Give that camera a good work-out. I really loved the pictures of Masons curly locks. Pedro looks like he already got himself a good buzz cut.
Hows that Saab driving by the way?...dare I ask.

AnnieM said...

Viva la bleu cheese!
Thanks for the sp correction Mamma, I should've known.
Hilary- I did back off the crack and have moved to the lesser evil, Meth ;)
Shell- I loved the curls too, but the curls are non-exsistant in WI. Damn the cold dry weather!

lizziep901 said...

Lunch meat is my best friend. I ate it all the time with Haley and she's normal.

Oh. wait.

Christy J said...

You can go to a whole foods or somewhere and get it without the phosphates or whatever it is that is so bad. I get it every now and then, but it isn't something that is a big deal to me. I can jsut go without.

Pedro said...

The buzz cut backfired, I totally sunburned the top of my head in Mexico. Needless to say I will be promptly growing that back out. The car is great...I can't say that too loud though!

Askinstoo said...
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