Thursday, March 23, 2006

Viva la Mexico!

Hola All!
We are having a great time. The weather has been amazing, Mason couldn´t have been any better, and we´ve sucked in all the sun we can handle! One negative...Mike and I were up all night tuesday, sick. You imagine it, we were doing it. Not fun. ANd Mason has been healthy as a horse, go figure. But we are feeling great again and are leaving tomorrow. So, there is my update I paid 4 dollars to do! Enjoy! I´ll be home soon with lots of pictures to share.


Christy J said...

YAEEE!!! You guys have a safe trip home. I can't wait to hear EVERYTHING!!!!!

lizziep901 said...

So glad you guys are having fun! We miss you bunches!

Silly Hily said...

Awe, Annie paid $4 for US! I feel so special. :-)
Have a safe trip back and I can't WAIT to see pictures. Beware though, I'm sure my comments will come with more than one "I hate you." (but not really, but totally do.)

somebody said...