Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A few of my favorites!

I think I forgot to mention that Mason's hair closely resembled Richard Simmons through out the week. Or to be a little nicer, the boy/ teenager from the 70's movie The Blue Lagoon.
Vacation in Mexico 084
Mason and Dada on the beach, playing in the sand.
Vacation in Mexico 095
Mama and Mason going to Japanese dinner, night 2.
Vacation in Mexico 104
My happy boy was in heaven everyday in the pool!

I uploaded them all now on flickr, so feel free to check them out. Some of them may not be work friendly for two big obvious reasons.(The girls, they taketh over!)


Ms. Mamma said...
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Ms. Mamma said...

That was Christopher Atkins, my lady! And it was the 80's damn it! Well, 1980, you're close. Maybe I'm too old for your blog. I knew I didn't fit in! Adorable and you look amazing.

BlueGoddess said...

Your son is a total cutie. I always wanted my son to have all of those curls. He only has a few. I thought he would end up with his father's hair, but I was wrong. I hope you had a wonderful time in Mexico, it looks like you did!

AnnieM said...

meh! you are never to old! That is one of my favorite movies, ever. So now I know, Christopher Atkins. What ever happened to that chap?

BlueGoddess said...

Thanks for the pep talk. Do you have any advice for someone who is just learning the ropes about all of this stuff? Just post on my site if you do.

thanks again.

Silly Hily said...

Oh my gosh that crystal clear blue water looks absolutely refreshing and it's not even hot here. Not yet anyway. Now I can't wait for summer so I can go swimming.
Thanks for uploading the pics so quickly. I enjoyed looking at them.

Christy J said...

CUTE pics!

Mama C-ta said...

I'm so jealous of everything! Your vacation, you have such a great looking family, you are so pretty, you are one of those cute pregnant woman I normally wouldn't like but your cool so I do like you. Very conflicting. Looks like a great time! So funny about Mason's hair though :)

Isabel said...

I NEED the sun.

(Oh, and I loved that guy on the Blue Lagoon. So hot!!)

Anonymous said...