Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A bunch of random nothing. . .

A writers block, again!

Yesterday, Pedro got home from work and we took our favorite pug, Otto to get his yearly shot updates. On the way there, my gaseous other half tried to casually let one fly.
"tinky fout."
Yes! At least my son is learning how to combine words and express thoughts!

Picture 036

Thanks for all your vacation suggestions. Ms. Mamma and Isabel had awesome ideas. We are looking into both.

So what do you think about the winter T.V. line up?
I have to say, I am getting very into the Bachelor in Paris. Is it me, or is he into the very young ones? He is diggin' the super young college party animals. I can't wait to see the girls getting all whorish in the hot tubs. It happens every season.
I am also into the MTV reality. "There and Back" has sucked me in. There is something intriguing about a boy band star who now has NO money left. As in -$27.00 and a baby on the way. Now that is reality.
Then of course there is "Meet the Barkers". The complete opposite as the previous. They are rolling in money. She sleeps until noon everyday, has a nanny for each child. Makes me sick. I just think about those poor kids. "No, you can't go see your Mama. She is sleeping, you can see her at lunchtime, if you are lucky." Um, isn't that half of their day, without their Mama? Sad. But remember, she is an awesome mom. It even says it on the introduction to the show every week, so she must be!

The house we are "flipping" next door, is sucking all our weekend energy, but is coming along. I can't wait to post before and after pics for you all to see. It is tiny but very cute.

Enough rambling, nonsense for one day. Be sure to check back for more verbal diarrhea!


Ms. Mamma said...

I'm so in love with Herr Otto I could just faint. I think you know how I feel about The Bachelor. Yet, sometimes I cannot help but be sucked into it since I only have two channels now that Snowflake destroyed the rabbit ears on the 13" Sponge Bob. I will say that I LOVE the little car they drive around in...

Mama C-ta said...

I don't watch any of those shows :( I watch Lost but don't think this season is nearly as good. I have seen Meet the Barkers and I've always had a crush on the hot punk papa. Yumm. A big diff from my conservative husband (who I have an even bigger crush on!)

Silly Hily said...

Omg, is that "There and Back" or whatever the one about Ashley from O-town? I thought I caught a commercial for that one time but then we moved and went without cable for three weeks and just got it again this past weekend. I'll have to catch up this coming weekend when they replay everything a thousand times.

Pedro said...

This is the worst entry mentioned my flatulance, reality TV, and the coup de grace "the house." This post was totally weak.

AnnieM said...

Everyone! Meet my always supportive husband Pedro!

Isabel said...

Oh, you are flipping a house. Can't wait to hear more about that!! (We're building our second house...from scrath. Yes, we're crazy!)

Let me know what you decide on for a vacation. So I can be totally jealous.

Anonymous said...