Friday, January 20, 2006

Master Desructo strikes again.

How long does the destruction phase of toddlerhood last? Thank God my newest set of dishes were pretty much "blue light specials", because the boy thinks it is ok to give them a toss now and then.
Tonight after a very glamorous dinner of caesar salad and take and bake pizza, I thought I had everything cleaned up and put away. I realized very quickly after the sound of a glass plate shattering, that I had forgotten one measly dish. Who knew? We really didn't need that plate anyway. Really, what is the use of having 8 of everything? Does anyone really care if there place set has an Elmo plate instead? But, I have to say I handled it with grace (as much grace as I could bare). I put Mason immediately in time out while I cleaned up the shards, when I was done, ah-hem, *exactly two minutes later( the appropriate amount of time for a 2 year old)I took Mason to the trash can and showed him the plate. I am going freaking crazy! I feel like his sole mission these days is to destroy! When will it stop? I want the madness to stop!

*give or take a few or ten!


Melinda said...

Yea i am waiting out the storm here too!

Ms. Mamma said...

Hang in there. Just remember what you told me, their agression is peaking right now. How about if you and I start a toddler all star wrasslin' club and let them work it out?! We could make millions!

cubmommy said...

I don't know when it ends let me know when you find out. My oldest is 4 and he still does stuff I think he should no better then to do.

Maybe it's just boys.

Hang in there!

Silly Hily said...

Mine is 18 months and isn't really destructive. She is more head strong and independent with a major attitude! I'm trying to figure out how to cope with that.
I've got a boy coming in three months though so check back with me in about two years and I'm sure I'll be singing the same tune you are.

Mama C-ta said...

haha, give or take 10 min. I'm not looking forward to the age of destruction. At least all our stuff is crap but still!

Anonymous said...