Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A post ya'll may want to skip...

Whenever I am writing on this here blog thingy, I always have to stop myself from using ya'll. Why? I have no idea. Even though I don't think I have ever said it out loud, it seems very natural for me to write it. And why, you might ask, do I refrain. I feel like you have to be from the south, a true southerner, to use that special little contraction. But, since this is my special little place, I am turning over a new leaf, and I am going to use ya'll whenever I get the urge (even if I am from central Wisconsin).
Here Goes:

Ya'll, I have been working on a post for the past two days, All About Me. Whenever I check out other blogs, I always read the 100 things about Me. I think ya'll can learn a lot about a person. I should have it posted sometime this afternoon. Ya'll come back now, you here? (OK, I might just go throw up now from the cheese factor.) Hopefully I got all that "ya'll" business out of my system and I'll never feel the urge to use it again!


Christy J said...

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with saying ya'll. Just like there is nothing with say "I'm fixing to.."


AnnieM said...

I know there is nothing wrong with it, I just feel like you are only allowed to say it it you are from the south. I am not from the South!

Silly Hily said...

I'm from Memphis and don't know how to say anything other than y'all! For some reason, I spell it that way and THAT is even hard for me to do b/c the "lazy southerner" in me just wants to type "yall."
I think it would be funny to hear you say it though!
I've also been trying to work up the energy to do a "100 list." Maybe sometime soon I'll get mine going.
Can't wait to read it b/c they are a really good way to get to know the bloggers in blogger world.

somebody said...