Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It's all about me!

Since I've never done a 1oo things about me list and always wanted to. . . I thought I'd start compiling a list of things that you might want to know, or maybe not.

1. I am the third of 3 children, my sister is 14 years older than me. . .we were both oops'.

2. I have lived in 3 states, WI, TX and FL.
3. I am a natural blonde. When I lived in FL I had my hair low-lighted because in was white from the sun and kind of albino-ish.
4. I met my husband by flashing him, yup, bartime in college. A very proud moment!
5. I love Sushi, I crave sushi.
6. While pregnant I once left work early to buy a jar of jalapeno peppers. I craved spicy then.
7. I wear natural deoderant, it really works for me.
8. I am the worst germaphobe I know. Sometimes it prevents me from going places.
9. I have a bachelors of science degree in Health Promotion a minor in psych, ironic?
10. I love talking about breastfeeding, maybe because it was such a struggle?
11. I still breastfeed my 25 month-old son.
12. I try not to be a nursing nazi, but I think I still sort of am.
13. My water broke in my yoga class, 6 weeks early, it gushed!
14. I used to be a huge party girl, HUGE! Now I am pretty lame.
15. Of my family of 5, 3 are alcoholics. Thankfully I am not one of them.
16. I love to vaccuum. Even more I like to empty the canister to see how much stuff I picked up.
17. I've never been told I looked like someone famous, I sort of wish I did.
18. I long for a vacation. Someplace beachy.
19. I am addicted to Sex in the City, I really want the entire box set.
20. I still think my husband is very hot!
21. He is the best dad I know, besides my own.
22. I have a boy pug, Otto. I used to have a girl pug, Maki, who drowned tragically while we were on vacation.

23. I want a little black girl pug and I want to name her Ebi (eh-bee).
24. Religion is really not a big part of my life right now, I sometime wish it was.
25. I am not sure what I believe in.
26. My favorite beach is a nude beach, Yes, I go nude, ALWAYS!
27. I teach beginner yoga one day per week.
28. I am a coffee snob. I hate bad coffee.
29. I LOVE really good coffee.
30. We buy organic coffee and generic cereal.
31. I love to shop.
32. Target and Sam's Club are two of my faves.
33. I am scared to get pregnant again.
34. Earthworms freak me out!
35. I would love to eat only what I grow.
36. I want to have chickens some day, my husband won't let me.
37. I was a dancer for many years.
38. I like to sing, but never around people.
39. I have fine relationships with all my past boyfriends.
40. I remember almost nothing from highschool and almost everything from college.
41. I was kicked out of my house for 2 weeks in highschool, I remember that!
42. My mom drove me crazy until I had a baby.
43. Now she is one of the only people I trust with Mason.
44. On my 12th birthday, my dad bought me a bb gun!
45. We still tease him about it.
46. I love to ski, water and snow.
47. I have a snowboard too, but I always get hurt on it, so I am going back to skiing.
48. I'd love to ski on a real mountain.
49. I want to go back to school to get my RN, someday.
50. I have become a blog-aholic.
51. I am 5'7" but I always tell people I am 5'8"
52. I am a good cook.
53. An even better baker, ask me about my banana cake with cream cheese frosting.
54. I secretly love the song I Don't Know Much by Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstat.
55. I love Pottery Barn catalogs and dream about the day that I can afford to furnish my home with it.
56. My entire family eats pickles and cheese together.
57. Now my husband does too.
58. I think it is super cheesy when people use dh when talking about their husbands.
59. WI cheese really is better.
60. I love massages, and pedicures.
61. I rarely get them.
62. I have one tattoo and have had 2 body piercings.
63. I still want to get my nose pierced, maybe someday I will.
64. I love the smell of fall.
65. I hate how your nose freezes together on super cold winter days.
66. I wish I were really good at taking pictures, but I am not.
67. We are in the process of "flipping" our first investment home.
68. It is a lot of frickin' work.
69. I am not sure if there will be a second.
70. Somedays I want to have 4 kids, other days, just the one I have.
71. My dogs paws smell like fritos.
72. I like the smell.
73. My personality type is ENFP.
74. Basically that means I talk a lot.
75. I love clean sheets, I sleep better.
76. Line - dried crunchy towels too.
77. I could never work with old people, it takes a special person to do that.
78. In my purse you'll find 3 anti-bacterial products( see #8).
79. Purell, wet-ones, and clorox wipes.
80. Also chapstick and my wallet.
81. I hate onions and love garlic.
82. I love all things carb- related.
83. I love to read, wish I read more.
84. I think my teeth are huge my husbands are too!
85. We always joke about our poor big-teeth children.
86. I have never been skinny, I never will.
87. I am at peace with that.
88. My husband and I couldn't agree on a name for our son.
89. So we named him after us, Mike and Ann's Son.
90. I love reality TV.
91. My husband hates it!
92. We rarely watch TV together.
93. I didn't eat red meat until I started dating my carnivorous husband.
94. We've been together for 6 years, married for 4.
95. I have turned him into a mild germiphobe.
96. I want to go to NY so I can shop on Canal Street.
97. I also want to go to Laguna Beach, not because on the TV show, I swear.
98. I cry very easily since becoming a Mom.
99. Becoming a Mom is the best thing that has happened to me.
100. My life is good, and getting better every day.


Silly Hily said...

#89-VERY cool!
I also love, love, love SATC!!!
That list was very informative. Thanks for sharing.

LisaLou said...

You better remember times with me in highschool :) Also, you've always reminded me of Nicolette Sheridan :)!!

Ms. Mamma said...

I really wanna tell you I just can't see the NS in you! YIKES You're just so much more classy and gorgeous! I agree w/ Hill on #89. That is way beyond charming.

Christy J said...

Alrighty... #5-love it too, #7-you and Justin have something in common. #10&12, I'm so there with you, ask anyone on my blogroll. #14, me too... SOOOOOO me too. #17- I found this website that you put your picture in and it matched it to someone famous. it is so freakin fun.
try it, it is cool as shit. #18, uh me too... again.. SOOOOOO meeee too! #28$29, are you sure you aren't Justin?m He is such a coffe whore, If he hasn't used it all after 2 weeks he throws it out because it is 'old'. #52, I am SUCH a good cook! #85- we always joke about our poor big-nosed kids. #90-93 exact same. EXACTLY THE SAME.

I swear, I know why Justin hung out with you guys ALLLLLLL the time!!! HAHA!!

Talk to you soon.

Melinda said...

#54...I will turn it up so loud and sing like i am linda!! lol

Your list was great! It's hard to do isn't it?

Mama C-ta said...

#10 - ditto
12 - ditto
18 - ditto
22 - heartbreaking!!
24 - ditto
25 - ditto
26 - I'm jealous! I know I'd love it but my husband wouldn't let me in St. Maarten!
63- ditto..not sure why I never did! A tiny little stud is all I want. I had my septum pierced no clue why I did that over a regular nose piercing.
66 - ditto
98 - ugh, me too it's embarrasing at times. I asked if our Vet's labor went well and I swelled up w/tears, no idea why.
99 - ditto
100 - ditto

Wow, lots in common! I love these things, learning about everyone. You have some really interesting traits. I had a feeling you were super cool :)

Anonymous said...