Monday, January 16, 2006

What the Hell!

I need help you guys. I was trying to figure out the timer on my camera and I did! I got a cute picture of the boy and me and tried to replace the old thumbnail up in the upper right corner. It won't work, well it sort of does...If you click on the old picture the new one pops up. Not what I had hoped for. Try it. Any suggestions? Why am I so blog challenged?

EDITED! OK never mind. Once I put up a new post, the new pic is there. Enjoy!
GOD! Do they offer remedial blogger classes, geez!


Isabel said...

Hey, we all have to learn. I have been known to post questions about how to post things on my site.

Glad you got it to work.

Melinda said...

Try deleating the picture. Save it (with No picture) Exit Blogger. Then Go back to the dashboard enter your new one save and go from there

Ms. Mamma said...

Very cute! You both look stunning!

Anonymous said...