Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Lull.

Hi everyone. I am at that point again, nothing important to talk about. Not that this site ever has "important" things, but you know what I am saying. Now that we all know I am having a girl, that curiosity is over and I have begun to sleep again. So that drama is over until sometime in mid-September.

My mailbox has been an excitement lately. I know, I need a life if my mailbox excites me, but I've gotten some really cool mail lately. I got an order from Old Navy including a Maternity swimming suit. It is a cute style but I am not sure about the pattern--It should work for the summer when I am a beached whale, and that is all that matters, Right?

My friend Laura sent me a book to read too that I just received this week. I love Jodi Picoult, so does Laura and so she sent me a copy of the newest J.P. book, The Tenth Circle. I cannot wait to start, but I have to get new glasses. I have been putting it off for months, but it is time, and this book is my motivation. I'll have to do a post on my glasses someday, they are blog worthy, pictures and all.

Mason has been so amazing lately. Two days ago after his bath, we were looking in the mirror making funny faces when he said, "mama's cute!" God, I love that kid. I wish he had a little button on him that I could push whenever I need an ego boost. Then yesterday, I was upstairs on the computer when he yells to me, "Mama, Otto sick!" I ran downstairs and sure enough, the dog had yacked a big'ol pile. Lovely!

So there you have it, the excitement happening here is incredible. Tune in for more mindless babble later! CIAO!