Monday, May 08, 2006

Hi, I'm Bored.

I don't know what my deal is lately, but I have been bored. I feel like I have nothing of importance to write about. So how about a quick recap of the weekend, shall we?

Friday night Pedro and I decided that we were officially old. We spent the night at Barnes and Noble each with a coffee,reading magazines while Mason played on the train table. How exciting are we?

Saturday we went to Pedro's parents lake house. I wish I had as much fun as Pedro up there, but I don't. It is never relaxing for me, Mason fights napping so I am the one left with a sore boob after an hour of trying, and I always end up looking like the "bad guy". No details needed, the ride home was nasty, my feelings were hurt bad enough, no need to rehash. I just wish I could be understood sometimes. I think the agreement stands at taking separate cars in the future, period. The End.

Sunday, Pedro worked on our flipping house. No really, the house we are re-doing to sell. I promise to post pictures when all I complete, huge changes have been. We ended up going to Home Depot and coming home with among other things,3 gallons of terricota paint for my living room. I am changing my red living room to terricota. It has to be done in the next week before our new furniture comes. I'll have to take before and after pictures of that too.

So my exciting weekend in a nut-shell. Next weekend my mom and I and Mason of course are heading to the Mall of America in Minnesota. I am hoping it is a smoother weekend than this one was.


lizziep901 said...

Justin and I actually took our first "long" car ride together this weekend (complete with Haley and portable DVD player AND Barney DVD) and we didn't kill each other. I was shocked. He couldn't smoke in the car and Haley and I had to pee every 30 miles. But we didn't kill each other. It was nice!

Christy J said...

I can't wait to see pics!!! I painted my dining room this weekend. I'll have to post pics... top is 'sawdust' and bottom had a 'fire brick' colorwash. I'm pleased.

Pedro said...

Boring...I wanna hear about something scandalous!

BlueGoddess said...

We all lead pretty boring lives most of the time. And when things get interesting we usually end up pissed off about it because it is usually something negative. So be proud of your ordinary life right now, it will get interesting enough when you go to the hospital to give birth again.

somebody said...