Thursday, May 18, 2006

All About Meme

I am - unique
I want - to be able to let things go.
I wish - I could still sleep-in once in a while.
I miss - college days.
I fear - having another premature baby.
I hear - lawn mowers outside.
I wonder - what my baby girl will be like.
I regret - things I say in the heat of arguments.
I am not - shy.
I dance - to kids music now!
I sing - like I am in church, says Mike.
I cry - almost everyday at nothing, damn pregnant hormones.
I am not always - into writing.
I make with my hands - killer salads.
I write - when I need to get things off my chest.
I confuse - North, South, East, West.
I need - to exercise more.
I should - clean out my closets.
I start - projects I don't finish.
I finish - whole jars of Clausen pickles.

meme from Mamac-ta


Ms. Mamma said...

Hi Sweet Peas-
Just thought you might like to look at they are VERY resonable and made out of hemp and oranic cotton. Simple and comfy looking. I cameacross this and thought of you as I know you want to sling that lil' impending bundle of joy.

Ms. Mamma said...

reasonable, that is.

Chas said...

I LOVE Clausen pickles!

Silly Hily said...

My "need, should, and start" are the same.

somebody said...