Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm Crazy Pickle Head...Gimme Some Pickles.

I know , I know you are all dying to know what kind of crazy food I've been eating in my pregnant food crazed moments.

First of all, let me tell you that with Mason, I wanted Hot, as in make your nose run and eyes water, spicy HOT! I remember leaving work while pregnant with Mason and instead of going home, I drove directly to the store to buy a whole jar of jalapenos to smother my nachos with. No wonder he has a fiery streak, huh?

So this time as I have said a zillion other times has been so different. I love pickles, mmmmmmm...pickles. WAIT, not just any pickle though. Now along with being a coffee snob it turns out that I am also a pickle snob. Only Clausen pickles for this mama! You know, the ones you can only get in the refrigerator section. Mmmmmm...The salty, garlicy, taste gives me near the satisfaction of pregnant sex! That. Good.

I also love lemon ice. Sour and sweet all in one, makes my mouth water like a waterfall. Culver's has the best. Unfortunatly you southern girls probably don't have Culver's but if you do, try it.

That's enough before my 'puter starts shorting our from the puddles of spittle on the keyboard...