Monday, May 22, 2006

What the hell are you saying?

It is here. We have gotten to that stage; the one everyone dreads. The embarrassing-statement-stage that makes you look like you are letting your kid listen to hardcore rap and watch The Sopranos instead of The Wiggles. All I can do is think, "Where is he learning this stuff?"

We've moved on from the original "Ga-dannit" stage and now we are onto more bratty phrases like "Go way Mama!" Ugh. Where does he learn it?

Yesterday Mason was in the tub playing with his zillion bath toys when he picked up his blue rubber ducky, squeezed it and said, "look! ducky's peein'" at the water steaming out of the hole in the bottom.

Of course it isn't all bad, just most of it. With the bad comes the good too. He talks all the time about his "frens". We have all turned into Masons friends lately. Even the dog is a "fren".

There is also the funny as heck stuff. Like when my sexy husband walks around shirtless and Mason can't help but point to his chest and say, "Dada's milky!". We also can't help but laugh at the kids impeccable hearing. The kid can pick out the tiniest flatulence from a mile away. Apparently we all have distinct sounding ones too because the kid is rarely wrong when he points out, "Dada fart!" or even on the very rare occation, "Mama fart!"

So until this tell-all stage passes, you can find me at home reciting bible verses out loud and listening to classical music. Oh, and I'll probably have gas pains from holding in a tad bit of pregnant gas.


Christy J said...

Last night Hayden pooped his pants and Justin said "Buddy, did you poop?" Have said "uh huh, I shit."

Nice, eh?

BlueGoddess said...

You guys are hillarious. Thank you for the pick me up. My son has said a couple of bad words too. But so far not in public. I am not looking forward to that.

Joel said...

Don't look for it to end too soon. On Sunday, as my kids are running around playing in fellowship hall during coffee time, my seven year old yells to my four year old "Jesus Christ, what are you doing!?!" Luckily most people had left and those that were still there were too old to hear anything.

Silly Hily said...

Having Italian in-laws that can rival The Sopranos, I'm always terrified of what my daughter will pick up. So far, I've been lucky. The other day though my husband asked Mia to pull his finger and I gasped, "NO!" She looked at me like what do I do, daddy is saying this but mommy doesn't seem happy with it. So, now when I ask Mia what her daddy's name is she says "Bad Tony." It's a hoot.

Mama C-ta said...

Dada's Milky!! Oh I love it!

Anonymous said...