Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day 11: Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Do you know hoe to make a perfectly good day turn perfectly bad? Let me tell you. I know the answer!

Yesterday I was getting ready for the day. I was showered, my clothes were on and even a little make-up too. I just had to blow out my hair. But first, mousse! I put two pumps of my new mousse I had bought the night before into my hand and worked it through my hair. "Wow, this stuff is really moisturizing." I thought to myself. I turned to the back of the can that clearly read: work through hair, leave for 1-3 minutes and rinse. Shit!

So my new Volumizing Aero Conditioner not a mousse at all, but more of a full blown conditioner.


IndyWilsons said...

Yep...that'll ruin your day alright. If it makes you feel better, my mom used her moisturizer instead of toothpaste last week. YUCK!

The Hilarazzi said...

I was going to say something, I know I was but I lost it after reading indywilsons' comment. HA! That's funny (her comment that is).

Ashley said...

to answer your comment question - my favorite everyday starbucks drink is a venti iced coffee with 2 splenda and creamer - only 3 weight watchers points (if I was still counting.....wich, I'm not)

Anonymous said...