Friday, March 09, 2007

Day 9: I smell a Saab Snob.

Hi! Um, about yesterday's post and the day before, sorry. I am totally done with the Debbie Downer stuff(until next week). I promise.

Moving On.

Do you remeber last year, right around this time? Pedro and I were at odds about impulsivity and cars and all that other bullshit? Ha ha ha, funny for me for thinking it was over. We have a Saab, right? Yes, we do and apparently one just wasn't enough because we have two now (cue balloons and party horns)!! Pedro just loves him some cars. Now we have one midnight blue with tan interior and one black with black interior. How cute, his and her Saabs. Blech, never!

He is kind of funny that guy. One-half Marketing exececutive and another half grease monkey. That's my boy! So go on take his side, If you look at the comments you guys all sort of took his sid. Bitches. And why do I keep him around? Oh yeah, he's pretty cute.


little miss mel said...

If my hubs had his way, we would have Bmmers and wagons, so I see the appeal for sure! Friend of whoorls, saw your post. Ya, not sure if I could handle your weather, but it looks gorgeous!

The Hilarazzi said...

Sorry, I know, I'm a bitch but it's a SAAB! I LOVE SAAB's and was [this] close to getting one. I'm still not sure why I didn't. Oh yeah, the price. :-)
So yeah, I gotta side with Pedro again. If you don't want the black on black one send it my way sister.

rebcram said...

We have a Saab too - but it's my hub's. Mine is the sensible mom car (aka Ford Explorer). :)

I do love that Saab though!

somebody said...