Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You missed me?

Hi. Remember me? I used to have this thing called a little "blog" if you will. Then I was annoyed that I couldn't keep up with other blogs I really like to read because I agreed to post everyday. Stupid. On top of that I have two cute, high maintainance kids. One that will not be put down at. all. And insists that she only be held by Pedro or myself, no one else or she's a screaming mess. The other one (sigh) just wears me out.

I was talking to my friend yesterday sbout how I could seriously nag at Mason all day long. But I won't. I will not look back at the years I spent at home with my kids and only remember myself in the screaming variety. I refuse. So, instead sometimes it causes me a whole lot more work. Today for example Mason played outside all morning. He stayed within feet of the house so I didn't have to keep yelling, I just let him play. He played in the wet empty garden shoveling dirt, "looking for wormies". He finally came in the house right before lunch. Minutes later Pedro came home for lunch and asked what happened to the garage. I looked out and put my hand over my mouth. Mud and dirt covered the garage floor. Mason had shoveled dirt from the garden into his big dump truck and unload the truck loads on the garage floor. Quite the imagination he has, no? It took only a couple of minutes to sweep all the dirt into a big pile and take shovel loads back to the garden.

Speaking of the garden, Mason has been afraid of the rain lately. No, not thunder, rain. It freaks him out when he is trying to sleep and it hits his window. We've now spent so much time talking to him about how "good" rain is and how it makes the grass turn green and the plants and flowers grow. A couple of days ago, we were under a thunderstorm watch so we started to prepare Mason.

"Mason, we are gong to have more rain tonight, but rain is good right?"

"I like rain. It makes the grass grow and the plants wake up fron their dirt nap."

Indeed it does. Why can't we all talk like that? So simple, so true. I love that kid.


Ashley said...

Oh Annie, how I have missed you. When my children where toddlers/preschoolers I too was reduced to a nagging heap, you are right - doesn't make for those rosy love filled memories.

Lucky Gem said...

That Mason is a hoot!

Rachel said...

I love how kids think! Kaylie tells me that she is not afraid of thunder any more, but, lol, I can see her face when she hears it. She tries to be brave though!

The Hilarazzi said...

I was just coming to make sure you didn't decide to stop blogging all together.
Welcome back.
What is it with Kid #2? Dom is the same way, such a hip baby.
But oh boy Kid #1, they are hoots aren't they. I love Mason, too. Don't you wish you could freeze them at that age? So simple, so innocent. Okay, unfreeze, because also, so messy. At least he didn't bring the dirt in the house.

That Chick Over There said...

I like the way that kid thinks!

Margarita said...

HA! "Dirt nap!" That is too cute. God knew what He was doing by not giving me boys. Although, sometimes I'd rather deal with a little dirt rather than hairbows and Barbies! And look at you! You will get to deal with BOTH! Can't wait to hear stories of Harper!

metalia said...

Glad you're back! That's the cutest story; I can't wait until my son starts talking, and I can really have a conversation with him. :)

somebody said...