Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Day 6: Better Late than Never.

You all thought I wasn't going to post today didn't you? Oh no, I'm not going out like that on day 6!! I have a number of things to tell you about, just not the time to write them down.

So for let me tell you this...Harper learned to scream today. For fun. Not so fun except she is all smiley and giddy when she does it. It is not just vocalizing, it's more like horror movie screaming. So fun now what my ears are ringing and I keep thinking its the phone.

I got to do something I love to do today.

I got three email replies from 3 different internet friends that were sent up to 6 months ago. So I am doing a public apology to anyone else that got a repeat email from me...I can't figure it out.

Good stuff tomorrow!


Christy J said...

It's cool.. I KNOW you were really wanting to know about the G-Shot. You've been thinking about it for 6 months, right?

The Hilarazzi said...

There's more. Liz and I weren't the only ones? I still think it's so funny.
And now I have a song stuck in my head...."The phone, the phone is ringing." Wonder Pets anyone?

AnnieM said...

Winnie, Tuck and Ming-ming too...

somebody said...