Wednesday, November 07, 2007

All over a bowl of Corn Chowder.

Last night I had my Mom and my brother's girlfriend over for Corn Chowder and crusty, fresh bread. Since my dad and brother were out of town I thought it would be a nice thing to do. They came over and we all sat around eating bowls of soup when some how the conversation turned to showering and washing ones hair. We all had our own vues but mine was something like...

" I shower everyday, without fail. Occasionally if I don't have anything important to do that day or anywhere to go I won't wash my hair."

Pedro jumped in at this point saying "but then you have a big speed bump in the back!"

Pedro and I laughed because I do in fact wake up most mornings with a nice little perma-lump in the back.

I giggled a little but then quickly said "but I don't go anywhere like that!"

He was then quick to jut in, "last weekend you left with a huge one!"

"Ah! And you didn't tell me?"

"You were mad at me anyway."

Passive-aggressive Jerk!

You think I should've told him about the big chunk of oregano from the pizza we had for lunch lodged between his teeth before he went back to work?

Ah, Karma. How I love thee.


Show me your stuff!

A few of you wanted to see my kids' rooms. So today I give you Harper's Bedroom. For some reason it also happens to my favorite room in our house. It's tiny and fresh and positively girly all without being nauseatingly pastel.
Mom to Cass, Ashley and pgoodness, here is Harpers bedroom!

"H" is for Harper!

Hours are spent in this chair everyday and night. Sometimes there is no other place I'd rather be.

Dresser with changing pad I never used.
Note to self: Get rid of it already!

I still love her bedding!

Isn't she so sweet, that Harper! I kid. That's Rosy, Harper's stunt double.

There you have it! Until tomorrow...


Pedro said...

You should post the "before" pictures.

Ms. Mamma said...

I remember when you were working on that little chest. Very cute! You're on a roll, sister! Keep rollin', rollin' rollin'...rawhide.

Lucky Gem said...

So, the 'H', it stands for "Harper", huh.

Go ahead, internet slap me.

Pgoodness said...

I love it! And the stunt double? Fabulous!

AnnieM said...

Heidi- Did you notice your fantastic photo skilz throughout Harper's room?

C said...

Hahaha! You and Pedro crack me up! You guys are too funny! Love it! :) I can't believe you let him go out with with oregano stuck between his teeth! Hahaha!

Love Harper's room. Very cute!

Ashley said...

Harper's room is really cute! You go girl - I have done something similar ... sometimes they just ask for it.

Rachel said...

I cannot believe he didn't tell you!

Harper's room is so cute!!

Anonymous said...