Thursday, November 22, 2007

More Talk of Oil.

Since it is Thanksgiving night and I am pooped from all the travel and family, let's not talk about it ok? At least not for tonight. I've had about all the screaming-baby-in-the-car that I can handle for while and I can handle a lot! So let's talk about something all adult and crunchy. Like, OIL!

I am loving the results from the oil cleansing. So much so that I talked my husband into trying it and he likes it too. My skin as I mentioned before is very dry and pretty sensitive. I get an occasional pimple that Mason loves to point out as an "owie". I never use anything on my face that has a fragrance. It is so dry that if I were to work out, and sit around for a couple of hours the amount of sweaty oil that would be on my face would be welcome. I am always searching for something that makes my face feel silky. Not tight and not greasy, just silky.

Pedros skin is perfect from the get-go. For the record, before I knew what his name was called my roomates and I called him "Pretty Skin Boy" or a tad less cheesy "PSB". He too gets an occasional blemish but his skin is naturally silky. I would classify him in the normal category. He was convinced that rubbing oil into his skin would put him over into the oily category. I even had my doubts but it worked like a charm for him too.

After doing OCM for nearly a week I told Pedro that my face just felt balanced. Think about it. We wash our face and strip away the natural oils, bad and good, then slather on a nice moisturizer to replace what we just scrubbed off. After I do OCM my face feels like I just moisturized with the nicest face cream ever but also super clean. I hope I am not reading more into than I need to but my pores seem tiny and the glow is something similar to the best post-sex glow ever.

The only downfall is the time. Most nights I am so tired by bedtime that I seriously just want to splash my face with a little water and go to bed. This takes around 3-5 minutes which sometimes is too long. I really don't see myself using it nightly forever, but for the winter or if you want your skin to feel amazing, oil it is!