Thursday, November 01, 2007

Not off with a BANG, but a toot!

Why am I doing this to myself?

Have you ever taken a Yoga class? Were the "normals" discussed? You know, like passing gas? It is actually super common because of all the "stirring up" your body in ways you don't normally do on a day to day basis. I've been teaching now for 3 years and just about every class someone lets one rip.

Sometimes the person is open and honest and will say something like,"Whoops! Shouldn't have eaten that chili before class!" We all giggle then just let it go (oh the puns). Other times someone will let one fly and pretend nothing happened. In those cases we all pretend like nothing happened.

Well. This week, after 3 years, It. Was. Me. I should be comfortable with this, right? WRONG! I was up in front of class demonstrating the tree and , "pop!" Oh Sweet Lord! I even did the obligatory little cough after. You know, that tiny little bit of hope that my whole class would think it was a little cough? Riiight. I pretended nothing happened. Lame right? I should have at least had a cute, breezy little comment to make light. But I was too damn embarrassed.

What a way to start NaBloPoMo! Humiliation. Good God I hope I don't have any ex-boyfriends reading my blog because Wow! That would be embarrassing.

Oh who am I kidding? I probably farted in front of each one because I am totally hot that way!



runnin'sillyjilly said...

Can't stop laughing! oh you definitely did it in front of them, don't worry.

C said...

Hahahhahaha!!! Oh my goodness! You totally crack me up! You are toooooo funny!!!

I have taken yoga classes before and can totally see how "passing gas" can happen!

I was once on the receiving end though! We were all following the instructor's stretches and positions, when the guy in front of me let one rip. The only sucky part was that I was positioned so that his butt was practically in my face. I can laugh at it now, but I think I was probably more mortified than he was! LOL!

Happy Day 1! What a great way to start off the NaBloPoMo!

Mommyca said...

I'm sorry, but I'm still laughing as I write this, because I too am guilty for "trying to cover it up with a caugh" during a yoga class. Of course I didn't get away with it, because my best friend started to crack jokes....that's what they are for right?:o)

tri_hard said...

this post was so funny....i take pilates classes and it happens to so many people.....i don't laugh...but sometimes I really want to.

Lucky Gem said...

Hey, you have bigger balls than I do. I wouldn't have even told the internet!
Can't wait for the other 29 posts!

Tiffany said...

Your opening paragraph made us laugh at work this morning because it is so totally true - normally it is me passing the gas - I am glad that it happen to everyone!

Rachel said...

So, you didn't say anything in front of the class but you just publicly admitted it!!! Teehee!

AnnieM said...

Thanks you guys, I was laughing hysterically reading your comments.

Jill- so are you saying I've been a gassy girl as long as you can remember? sheesh.

C- OMG! I only have 13 in my class this session so thankfully no ones nose was inserted in my bum. Thank God!

Monica- Your a tooter too! Thanks for keepin it real Yo!

Laura- Has you ever been the guilty one?

Gem- Confession. It does a body good!

Tiffany- Hi! And welcome to farters anonimous! I am so glad I could "shoot the breeze" for you...bahaha!

Rachel- It's all about getting the skeletons out of my closet.

MP said...

I hate it when a sneeker somes out..then someone walks in my who ELSE did it??

moosh in indy. said...

I am the yoga queefer.
If you google "yoga queef" I come up.
Maybe you can be the "yoga farter"
Hooray for google.

Anonymous said...