Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some things are probably better left unsaid.

Tomorrow is the day I get my girlie parts inspected. I don't get nervous like I used to. I've had babies now and when that happened I am sure my modesty was passed as well.

My va-heena. It has served me well.

The thing I've been thinking about is different. During the inspection my boobies get the once over as well. When this is happening I always feel the need to chant,

"You'll shoot your eye out!"

So maybe I don't actually say that. That was my Christmas Story tribute. But honestly, I do feel the need to say something to the effect that milk may in fact squirt out. I have said this for the past 4 check-ups (Dear God I've now been nursing for 4 years. Straight!) I think I am just being courteous but I've also done/said some inappropriate things in my day. What do you think?


Amber said...

Shooting the doctor's eye out might be funny. I guess a casual "don't forget I am still breastfeeding" may do the trick. After my son was born, I went back for the 6-week check up and had to nurse him through the entire thing. He was a hungry boy, and after nursing for the 15 minutes I was allowed to "get ready", he was still not finished. So I just said I would nurse during the exam. No problems, the doctor was ok with it, and so was I, so the nurse just kind of stood next to me to make sure my boy didn't fall off the table.

Ms. Mamma said...

I say, right on, sister! I think you're getting funnier and funnier as NaBloPoMo continues...I think you should just NOT QUIT posting. Make it your salute to 2007!

That Chick Over There said...


My girl doctor once said that everything down there looked, "Mighty fine"

IndyWilsons said...

From what I understand you have quite a full and steady stream, so really I think that by giving him an opportunity to get his protective eyewear, you are just doing him a service.

Wenderina said...

I used to just die going to the GYN but then I read about a woman who accidentally used her daughters play powder on her "hoo hoo" to freshen up before the appointment and didn't realize it had glitter in it. The doctor made some comment about how it was so nice to see someone "dress up" for the occasion.

Whether true or not, I always thing of that story and it makes me laugh - dissipating my shyness.

Your milk story is now added to the mix and that exam now also brings new giggles.

My doc is going to think I'm insane.

Pgoodness said...


I was just saying the other day (after I went) that it doesn't bother me at ALL anymore. My ob/gyn has seen me from the inside out after 2 c-sections; ain't nothing gonna surprise either of us anymore!

MP said...

I haven't gone to the ho ho doctor for a while..I may need to warn him for cobwebs in the unused womb..damn I'm sarcastic today...lighten up francis..is it bad that I'm talking to my self in your comments..hmmmm

Lisa said...

I hope your appointment went well. I just tried calling you to say "hello" and it wouldn't go through. I must not have the correct #. Could you e-mail me your #? I don't have your e-mail either (I'm pretty useless huh :-)
my e-mail is lisawyro@hotmail.com


NWO said...

All that I can add is that if it was a guy thing, we'd not only not warn him, we'd try to see how far we could shoot.

AnnieM said...

NWO- so wrong, yet I am laughing my ass off!

Anonymous said...