Monday, November 05, 2007

Have you seen my BenGay?

Dude! When did I become such an old lady? My newest love, the molasses cookie. In Love. I can't get enough of them or Ginger Snaps either. I wonder if they'd go well with my favorite candy, Good and Plenty? Five years ago you couldn't have paid me to eat either of those and now I am all hardcore.

This morning I made homemade molasses cookies.
See that one right there, to the left?
I ate it! Along with like five others.

Am I totally old lady or would you eat one? That's what I thought. Just put me out of my misery when I start telling you how wonderful my new Rose air freshner smells.


Speaking of spray to cover bathroom funk. I present you and MP, our one and only bathroom. That's right our family of four functions with one bathroom. Pretty smoothly infact. Except when we are all plagued with stomach flu. Then it's not so pretty (I'll leave it at that).





MP said...

Oooo your bathroom is like MY bathroom...except that MY bathroom hasn't been redecorated since the 70's.

We too have only one bathroom.

I wanted to see your bathroom so I could get decorating tips. I like your sink an mirror...and those sconces.

Don't you HATE having one bathroom..groan...

Lost A Sock said...

Your bathroom is fabulous! I love your light fixtures.

Ashley said...

thats fabulous! Of course you know we need the recipe right?

MP said...

ps...I want to dunk those cookies in coffee...NOW...

C said...

Those cookies look deeeeeeeeeelish!!! Funny you mentioned the old lady thing! I've always hated molasses and gingersnap cookies and only recently started loving them!!! Strange!

Hmph! I thought you were giving us the recipe! Hehehe! ;)

Love the bathroom, by the way! We too, only have one bathroom. Insane! We are sooooooooo going to have to do something about that! Hubby...are you reading this?? (My Hubby does sometimes pop by your blog too! He wants to see what I'm cracking up over all the time!)

Rachel said...

How does your bathroom counter not have crap all over it like mine? I have lotion bottles, contact solution, hair stuff, etc!

Anonymous said...